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Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [Download]

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn  [Download]

  • All the hallmarks of the FINAL FANTASY franchise, including genre-leading graphics and HD real-time cut scenes
  • Robust gameplay features such as Free Companies, story-driven player?vs.-player content, and primal summoning to bring players together
  • Incredible new graphics engine that delivers a high level of detail and quality on both the PlayStation 3 and Windows PC platforms
  • A flexible class system that allows players to change to any of the eighteen different classes on the fly simply by changing their equipped weapon or tool
  • Breathtaking musical score by renowned FINAL FANTASY series composer Nobuo Uematsu
  • Cross platform play on PlayStation 3 and Windows PC

FINAL FANTASY XIV: A Realm Reborn is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) for Windows® PC and PlayStation®3 that invites you to explore the realm of Eorzea with friends from around the world. Form a party and adventure with a m

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Price: $ 28.12

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    4.0 out of 5 stars
    Some good, some bad, mostly positive., August 27, 2013

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    This review is from: Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn [Download] (Software Download)

    FFXIV:ARR is certainly a ton better than the original FFXIV 1.0. The game itself is fun, and added a lot of elements that make it enjoyable. For example, using the dungeon finder to continue on in the game’s storyline. If only FFXI had that during the CoP days… It basically will find you a Tank, Healer, and 2 DPS automatically so that you can progress in the story.

    One thing I would like to make mention that is really impressive is how they do the classes. You can level all of the jobs on a single character, and change them just by changing weapons, but the interesting spin on it is that your main job doesn’t get some abilities until you’ve leveled the other classes. (You only get a few ‘additional traits’ at first, and it increases every 5 levels.)

    For example, if you level a guardian, you’ll only get a handful of abilities specifically for guardian. Change your weapon and level Conjurer to level 2 and your Guardian will now be able to “equip” the Cure spell (if you want.) Level it to level 8 and you can “equip” the Protect spell. You can mix and match any number of classes “additional abilities” so long as Guardian main can use it. So I could mix 2 Conjurer spells, a Marauder spell, and a spell from Archer if I wanted.

    Once you get to level 30, you can even further specialize into advanced jobs such as Paladin (30 Glad/15 Conjurer) to enable a different set of abilities. By specializing into a job, you get less “additional abilities” slots, however, you gain job specific abilities to make up for it. Jobs are limited to cross-classing with specific classes. For example, Paladin only has access to Marauder and Conjurer spells, whereas Gladiator can equip from all classes. Also for this example, Paladin will gain useful abilities (such as auto attack damage up, or a “reduce damage taken” ability) that Gladiator can’t use.

    The battle components to the game are indeed a bit slow at first. However, it does start to pick up a bit when you do your first dungeon w/ a group. While doing my first dungeon, I asked “is there any reason for me to pull multiple monsters at the same time?” and the answer was a resounding “no” as DPS didn’t have any area abilities. However, later on in the game there are some AoE abilities, but doesn’t seem to be a widely used tactic in dungeons. I will also say that the 3 second global cool down seems a bit excessive, but overall the battle sequences grow on you. 9/22 Update: There actually is some area abilities that are used in the higher level dungeons that are usually used on boss fights to kill adds that spawn during the fight. It certainly is a tactic that is used (rounding up mobs and area attacking them down) but it wasn’t really used until higher levels.

    Quests are plentiful for your first class, and you can squeeze out a decent amount of quests for your 2nd, but soon you will run into a quest bottle neck, in that you’ll have to resort to doing the levequests, FATEs, and guildleves / dungeon finder to level up. The quests are not very in-depth, and a lot of them are: Start quest, pick this up, deliver this, etc. It is a lot of running around but it’s not bad, as there are multiple ways to get around. All characters have the ability to Teleport (for a gil cost) to areas in which you have touched the main Aethernet points.

    One thing that will be pleasing people who have came from FFXI is that the game doesn’t really focus around gil at all which is pretty common for modern MMOs. Another nice thing is that so far I haven’t seen any “grinding” of mobs while doing the quests looking for a specific drop. If it says to go farm four bat wings from bats, it only takes 4 bats to get all the drops. Also, there is some threshold that people can assist even if they are not in your party (in addition you can help others and get credit.) There is a threshold though, as you can’t just barely tag a monster and get XP or a drop, but you have to do a pretty decent amount of activity to a mob.

    The FATE system is similar to the world events from Rift. They usually involve a group of monsters being killed, escorting an NPC, or killing a single boss or NM. The FATE system is rewarding, giving a very good amount of EXP, and is probably the fastest way to level up through a “FATE party.” These are parties in which people will contribute to the FATE’s success as a group as opposed to solo. The hunting log is also very rewarding, giving you EXP for killing certain types of monsters (not many, usually 2-4). There is also different “tiers” of the hunting log that you unlock by doing the previous log. It’s a fun addition, and it is probably the quickest way to level from 1-15 until you unlock dungeons for 2nd classes/jobs.

    The environment in the game is appealing and pleasing to the eye, as it was in 1.0. The difference is now the game play has actually caught up to the aesthetics. My only real…

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    5.0 out of 5 stars
    Worth the wait., September 7, 2013
    8BitZombie (San Diego, CA) –

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    So first off read the bad reviews of this game. Most are complaining the log on issues. AO 9-4-13 the servers have been fixed and expanded. There is no trouble logging on into the game at any time of the day. Yes it will be jam packed during the weekends or the time you get off from work but now there is a que time/status instead of giving you an error code. And I don’t work for Square Enix but i bet they didn’t expect a big demand for this game which is well worth it. And its understandable if you have patience, they did fix the problem now everyone can enjoy it. So i don’t see why people are crying over like spilled milk, and some returning it. News Flash, where i live there is no physical copy of the game on any shelf. I live in San Diego, even parts of Orange County and LA is sold out. And also even Amazon and Square Enix suspended the digital download or purchase of the game.

    I played the 1.0 version of this game, even the Final Fantasy 11. This is a completely new game and an easy learning curve. The graphics are beautiful, the music is soothing. And the gameplay flows with a story line. I played World of Warcraft since vanilla and i must say i am happy i switched over cause WoW was going nowhere. But honestly i just wrote this review just to clarify about the server issue, and try the game out from someone you know. See if you like it or not.

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