History Of Human Beauty

Human beauty has a long and varied history that stretches as far back as the human ability to reflect on the self. Beauty as a general term is defined as a characteristic of a person, place, object, animal or idea that provides a person with a sense of meaning, satisfaction, pleasure, or all fo the above. In terms of humanity, beauty generally tends to directly relate to health, genetic fitness, and an overall perception that the human in question is in balance and harmony with nature. This involves a multitude of elements including skin health, overall symmetry and youth.

The standards of human beauty are always evolving based on what a particular human culture considers valuable. Therefore, in some cultures a strong physique with good childbearing or siring capacities are considered beautiful, while in others markers of wealth, such as particular hair cuts or the ability to have manicured nails are considered beautiful. However, there are a few things about human beauty that don’t change from culture to culture or time to time. Relatively young humans with smooth skin free of skin tags and blemishes are always considered beautiful. Well proportioned bodies and regular, symmetrical features are also considered important.

As a matter of fact, proportion and symmetry are so important that some of the first written works on the subject of beauty by Pythagoras delineate a strong connection between mathematics and human beauty. In our modern day, studies of the perceptions of human beauty have found that humans look for very particular and exact proportions in faces and bodies when checking out potential mates. Even the smell of symmetrical people is considered more attractive than those with distinct asymmetry.

Boost Your Gym’s Profit With These Health Club Advertising Techniques

Since there has been an alarming increase in the number of individuals who are experiencing chronic diseases due to an unhealthy way of living, there are a lot of business minded people who have ventured in the fitness enterprise. Gym owners and managers should come up with effective health club advertising techniques if they want to keep up with the tight competition in the market. If you happen to own a fitness establishment, or is aspiring to start one, here are a couple of things you can do in order to turn your business into a success:

1. Give reassurance to your clients.

No not have second thoughts when it comes to investing on equipment and other amenities for your place. On the other hand, it is going to be necessary to first conduct a study if a particular workout appliance is going to be viable for your gym.
Hire a team of workers that are highly qualified and competitive to work for you. This would mean that you need to have people who possess the license to do the job and at the same time have enough skills and knowledge with regards to the nature of their work.
Create connections and establish a strong working relationship with other professionals in the health industry. These would include nutritionists and dietitians, physical therapists and trainers. These experts are going to be important in your line of business due to the fact that they can give technical advices to your clients.

Common Mistakes In Nutrition For Athletes

Many people think that athletes are examples of health and that it is strictly related to their nutrition plans and a lot of exercise. Well, in some cases it is true, but there are still people who consider themselves as athletes and practice some totally inappropriate diet, what may finally end in serious health problems. The next time you will meet one of them, try to speak about following issues to make sure, that they know what and why they are eating.

Extra proteins will help you to gain more muscles

Professional nutrition plans for athletes prohibit more than 2.5 times higher protein intake than it is shown in RDA. The higher intake can be responsible for dehydration or even severe problems with liver or kidney. Furthermore there is no scientific proof that high-protein diet will effect in gaining extra muscles.

Ginger Root’s Medicinal Value

Zingiber officinale (better known as ginger,) is the root of a plant cultivated in the West Indies, Jamaica, and Africa but native to Asia. Ginger was introduced to Spain by Francisco de Mendosa in the early 1500’s (and eventually to the new world) but it was in demand in the far east long before that. Its safe nature and multitude of benefits have made it one of the most widely used herbs in the world.

Ginger is a perennial tuber that creeps and grows underground. The stalk grows two feet or more with narrow leaves. The stalk dies in the fall and the tuber is harvested, dried, and ground into the herb powder. Coated or black ginger means the root was not peeled but immediately scalded after harvesting. Uncoated or white ginger was washed and scraped to prevent sprouting. Since some think “the whiter the better,” white ginger is at times bleached or limed but this causes it to lose some nutritional value.

Ginger’s value is found in chemicals like potassium acetate, lignin, acrid soft resin, gum, vegeto matter, asmazone, volatile oil (up to 3%), acetic acid, starch, and sulphur.

The Ultra Flex Fitness Workout System – Works Every Muscle Group

The Ultraflex Fitness Exercise system claims to help you get the body you want in the time you’ve got, and the UltraFlex Exercise and Lifestyle Programme offers several amazing different workouts to work every major muscle group for muscle sculpting and toning and increased calorie burn.
This new piece of equipment offers exclusive TPR (target perfect resistance), which means that just by changing the position of the bar or your body you can target any muscle from different angles, and the resistance of the UltraFlex changes as you bend it, causing the muscle to work both on squeezing the bar and also on releasing it. This is a very efficient way of isolating and exercising different muscle groups, which will give excellent toning results in an amazingly short time.
You can perform at least four different workouts in eight straightforward moves with the UltraFlex isolating and targeting in turn your pecs, back and front of arm (always trouble spots in women!), shoulder and back muscles, with ab and leg toning exercises as well.
The amazing UltraFlex exercise system is very simple and very effective, like most of the best inventions. It is shaped like a long cane that bends when you bring the ends towards each other, offering resistance to any muscle you are targeting. It also has wrist loops to ensure safety if you let go one end by mistake, and these can also be used when the UltraFlex is bent to make it portable for storage when travelling.
The UltraFlex comes with an instructional DVD as well as a booklet depicting clearly, with both written instruction and illustrations, how to use the UltraFlex and giving all the usual safety advice including don’t let go of the ends or youre liable to knock your teeth out!
With the UltraFlex, as your muscles become stronger you can change the resistance by varying the position of your grip, so that you can continue to challenge yourself. You won’t need a special room in your house to use the UltraFlex as all you need is standing or sitting space; imagine being able to do your workouts at the same time as watching television!
The user guide also recommends adding a regular cardiovascular programme to your UltraFlex workout regime, such as swimming, walking or cycling, always warming up and cooling down after exercise, and making sure to keep properly hydrated.
The UltraFlex means you will never have to go to the gym and queue for all the different machines ever again, and your workouts wont be nearly as long as you wont have to move from machine to machine, having to waste time changing the weights and pulleys before you can even get started on your reps and sets. The manufacturers claim that using the UltraFlex can burn up to 50% more calories for a women and 70% more calories for a man, making it an ideal addition to your home fitness equipment.
For more information on the Ultraflex System and to read more Ultraflex Fitness Reviews please visit my At Home Exercises Blog.